What can I put on the carts?

We are often asked "how do the carts work?" We have a simple answer: you give what you can, and take what you need. There are no prices, no bartering, no trading, no value. Like you would to family and loved ones.


Homegrown or homemade produce: fruit, veg, herbs, preserves, eggs, baked goods, etc

Preferably grown with organic principles, without toxins. Grown with love is a strict prerequisite!

Seeds, seedlings, cuttings and rootstock (Please label all, and heirloom seeds are best, as they can be saved from)

All things gardening, whether it be gardening magazines, toilet rolls, worm tea, etc


Paper bags and small boxes for seeds or produce

Not suggested

Specifically bought store produce for carts.

Asking to swap with folks (we recommend giving without valuing anything)

Definitely No



Chook and compost scraps

Selling anything